Predator Xbox One Custom Controller

WAR Customs - Predator Xbox One  Controller

With details from every angle, we spared no expense with this highly customised Predator Xbox One Controller.

Starting with the upper shell, detailed to resemble the metal face mask of a Predator, including the laser targeting system and hunters branding (from the AVP movies) scored in the middle. The sides are painted and detailed as the Predator’s skin with a real fishnet mesh. The underside takes on the appearance of the Predator’s thermal vision, showing exactly where the controller has been held. Open the battery compartment up and the Predators wrist bomb display can be viewed.

As a finishing touch the box has the famous quote from the original movie, “If it bleeds, we can kill it” scribed inside in glow-in-the-dark blood.

The build was painted with Australian made SMS durable lacquer paints for a high quality, durable finish.