Bearguy Build

Bearguy Build - We Are Robots

Built for a local Adelaide gunpla competition "The Big Sleep" was my first attempt at building a diorama and lighting a kit from scratch. The diorama shows the final resting place of a lonely Bearguy who has been walking the earth dragging his badly damaged arm behind him. 

Starting with a High Grade Bearguy II kit, I made some minor alterations to the backpack system giving the Bearguy a bit of a steampunk look. Inside the generous sized head is a custom-wired lighting system with the ability to change the eye colours and eye shape. The light is turned on by a simple switch mechanism inside the head by twisting the right ear. 

The highly weathered kit managed to take out first place in the local Adelaide build comp and with that motivation he is now off to compete in the Gundam Builders World Cup (GBWC) in Sydney. For the full build process check out the WAR Instagram