Custom, one-off game controllers made for you. 

When a love for gaming and a passion for painting comes together you get WAR Custom Controllers. #WARcustoms

We will work with you to design a controller just for you. Whether it's your favourite game, anime, movie or even your favourite colour WAR will take inspiration from what you love and design a unique game controller that doubles as a one-off piece of art.

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Unlike most custom controller services, no two WAR Customs controllers are the same. Every controller starts out from scratch as a digital concept created to meet the customers requirements. Once the design is finalised production starts on a brand new game controller supplied by WAR, or a controller supplied by the customer. 

The process to create a WAR custom controller is relatively time consuming and starts with and initial process of dismantling, sanding, washing, drying and priming of the shell and buttons before the painting is ready to start. This process is essential to guarantee a great finish that is hard wearing.

After the initial prep work the process can be relatively simple or extremely complex depending on the job. Some jobs can be completed in as little as a week, where as other complex jobs involving textures, special paint or 3D detail can take several months due to the amount of work and curing times of paints and materials. We can advise you on the approximate completion time during the design stage. 

We Are Robots uses a premium, Australian made lacquer paint from The Scale Model Supply (SMS) which is very durable with an amazing finish for custom controllers. Their range includes some special effects paints including chameleon, crystal, prismatic and even UV reactive paints. Speak to us about using these in a custom order for something totally unique. 

Because every WAR Customs order is a one off made for an individual customer, pricing is based on the amount of work and materials involved. We can work to a budget by simplifying the design to suit you, or for those who are happy to spend a bit more we can create something that will really grab attention.

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Don't have an idea for a controller yet? Check out our digital concept gallery below to get some inspiration from past and future designs.