Halo Master Chief - Custom Xbox One Controller

Halo Master Chief - Custom Xbox One Controller


With the classic armour green contrasted by the golden honeycomb of the helmet visor, this custom controller is easily recognisable as our favourite Spartan 117, The Master Chief.

This build is detailed with grey hexagon sides, a metallic gold D-pad, Spartan number 117 and glowing yellow Xbox Home button. Of-course this controller wouldn't be complete without sustained battle damage.

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This is a first generation Xbox One controller without headphone port. Controller is in as new condition. 

Every We Are Robots custom controller is a hand painted original art piece as much as it is a functional game controller. Whilst WAR uses only the best quality paints and lacquers to paint and finish the controllers, rough treatment or handling may result in damage to the finish.

Painting a custom controller involves dismantling it into parts. This process will void any manufacturer warranty that the controller may have had. Controllers are tested before and after customising to ensure they are working correctly. WAR takes no responsibility for technical or mechanical faults that arise after receiving your controller.